I’ve just about had it


That’s what I actually bring home of the money I earn bust my ass for.

So we didn’t go over the fiscal cliff. I still ended up with a 2% increase in my Social Security tax. Which was something all those jackasses failed to mention when they were going on and on and on and on about not raising taxes on the middle class.

251889_433959513292314_1167514892_nI’m not an idiot. I get that everybody has to pay taxes. Things like Social Security and Medicaid and food stamps and the stuff nobody thinks about when they’re bitching about “Big Government” like the FAA, FEMA, the freaking US highways all need to be funded, it is what it is.

And, to be fair, it’s not just taxes. I pay just under $400 a month for health insurance. Which doesn’t count what I pay for dental, vision, life insurance and the $20 per visit and $75-$110 per month for prescriptions (that would be just my prescriptions since at least my kids are covered and The Zen Master never gets sick) copays. Oh yeah, and I guess I should count all the vitamin supplements I have to take as well since they’re not covered at all. That’s about another $50 (just a guess there because that fluctuates a lot depending on how my labs look). Oh and there’s also my mandatory pension/retirement/whatever the hell it is because SS alone will never be enough to live on when I get older. If it even still exists by the time I’d be eligible for it.

But if I’m paying such a large percentage of my income in taxes, why exactly am I paying so much in addition to that? I pay the same amount for health insurance as someone working here making 4 times what I do. The same amount. And somehow I think that isn’t exactly equitable. Somehow I think that if we pay our taxes, we should have access to quality health care and be able to stop working before we drop dead without fear of losing the roof overhead.

OH MY GOD! Now the car is RUINED!

OH MY GOD! Now the car is RUINED!

How is it possible that people are driving cars worth more than my house and paying the same %age of their (earned) income than I am and I now have to figure out if I should drop my dental insurance or my life insurance so I have enough money to feed my family. Because let’s be real here, 66% of 500,000 is still a shit load of money. But 55% of 500,000 is still a shit load of money, and more than enough to raise a family of 4 on. And of course, there’s more income from investments (that I couldn’t afford) which is taxed differently and when you have a mortgage on a 300,000 dollar house, that deduction is HUGE compared to my deduction on my 120,000 home. So why exactly am I, an intelligent, hard-working, college educated woman struggling so ridiculously hard just to pay our bills?

It doesn’t make sense to me. We work hard. Really, really fucking hard. We don’t have a huge house or cars less than 10 years old. We don’t have (a lot) of credit card debt and we have cut our budget to the bone. No. To the marrow.

 And our government doesn’t have enough money to cover things like health care and a solvent retirement program. Because they’re too busy arguing about principles and spouting rhetoric with their thumbs up their collective ass to remember that there are people out there in this country. Families. Like mine. People who are killing themselves just trying to get by. PEople who are living paycheck to paycheck and still not making it.

And getting tighter every day.

And getting tighter every day.

We earn enough money so that a $2 coffee at Dunkin Donuts shouldn’t be a luxury. Not even talking latte folks, just an extra large coffee with 5 Splenda and extra cream.

We shouldn’t have to save pennies for a date night of $6 Chinese food dinner combos and a Redbox movie.

I shouldn’t have to feel guilty for going over my grocery budget because I dared to buy ground beef (not steak, cheap, 80/20 ground beef) instead of beans or, if we actually had our electric bill paid up, chicken.

I’ve fucking had it. I’m sick and tired and broke and angry and I just want to be able to take care of my family and our modest lifestyle without getting an ulcer at the beginning of every month as I wait to see if my mortgage payment is going to hit my account before my paycheck.

Bank inquiry-> account balance-> Crap.bounced-check


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