Maybe I’ve got a public one after all…

Ooooh… That sounded wicked Porny.

In the living room giving Princess Punk her tuck  in (which is technically not “tucking her in” anymore).

The Peach is standing , clinging to the couch.

Princess Punk walks over to her and starts… How shall I put this? Repeatedly pushing her sister’s butt into the side of the couch.

“Heeheehee… Look Mom! She’s humping the couch!!!”

Zen Master- Face Palm.

Me- Giggling so hard I snorted while trying (unsuccessfully) to tell The Princess to stop  it.

The Peach- Grunting. Seriously. Grunting.

Then, Princess Punk picks up one of The Peach’s toys, a stuffed cat that I’m pretty sure used to be Fairy Dog’s.

“Eeeeeew, it’s all WET.”


“That’s what SHE said.”

No wonder people think we’re weird.383688_486397318069605_1701855892_n


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