Apparently Oscar the Grouch can eat my dust.

~sad face~

 Apparently I am coming across as Grumpy at work.

I have this on my office door... Bad idea?

I have this on my office door… Bad idea?

I went into a co-worker’s office today and cheerfully said, “Hello!”

His back was to me and as he turned around he said, “Good morning (insert name here)”

And then… “Oh, sorry, I thought you were (insert name here), she’s usually so cheery.”

“Oh? And I’m not?” I cheerfully ask.

Oh. My bad.

Oh. My bad.

“Well… Neither am I so it’s no big deal, but yeah, you sound kinda eh most of the time.”

Oh. Ok. I’m the “grumpy” coworker.

 I don’t intend to be… I know I generally come across as kinda snarky and I tend to curse WAY more than is appropriate for an office home a truck stop, but I never really want people to think I’m pissy. I’d like to think I’m friendly, approachable, even nice in my own special way. I mean, I’m in kinda a mentor role, I actually need to not be an asshole. I know I complain more than I should. But honestly? I tend to save most of my complaining for here. And yeah, if someone asks me how I’m doing, I’m going to tell them the truth. But I’m not going to whine about it. I love my job. I really do. Still. After 5 and a half years. My job is stressful and busy and kinda crazy sometimes, but I work with a great bunch of people and I really like what I do.


Oh. It's not? Crap.

Oh. It’s not? Crap.

And I was kinda hoping that would be conveyed in my attitude.

Apparently not.


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