And here we go…

Princess Punk had her friend spend the night.



And shockingly, besides the make-you-want-to-hurl nasty teenager foot smell that took over my living room, they were pretty good. They even took The Peach when she woke up overnight so The Zen Master and I could get some uncrowded sleep. Oh, and they grabbed her this morning too so I could catch just a few more Z’s. There was a teeny bit o’drama last night when I put my foot down and said the “no electronic devices after 9” rule applied to friend “M” too. The Princess has a block on her phone, only texts and calls that go through are from me, The Zen Master and My Mom.


I’m not sure what she was afraid of, maybe I was going to steal her phone or something, but the final compromise was actually locking the cell phone in the safe. Odd, since I still had the key but whatever, at least I was assured they weren’t texting boys all night. Freaking teenagers. See? I didn’t say fuck! Oh. Still working on that. Anyway… Grocery shopping… Extremely meager grocery shopping because I ended up bringing home takeout on Thursday after Princess Punk’s therapy appointment in Burlington because I was exhausted and The Peach was all pissy. Which was, of course, irresponsible, and I felt guilty after I bought it and then I got annoyed because I shouldn’t have to feel pissy because goddammit, I work hard and I’m not being reckless and I shouldn’t have to break my grocery budget for 2 weeks for one night of cheap takeout and… OK. Taking a deep breath now… Better. But still broke. Where was I? Oh… Grocery shopping, then cleaning out the fridge because it is gag-worthy which is weird because it’s damn near empty except for salad dressing, pickles and a piece of fried chicken left over from last night… And obviously, the rest of the kitchen. If I can get that done and still have some kind of energy (not likely, but possible), I’ll try and get some cleaning done. We’ll see. Hi Ho, Hi Ho… Heh. Ho…


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