My family are pigs

Okay, maybe not.

I just kinda forgot to factor in the appetites of my 13 year old and my husband when planning the grocery budget.

I went shopping on Saturday, list and all, and kept it (by 43 cents) within my budget. For 2 weeks. Yay me!

Or so I thought.

And I got home and put everything away and was somewhat pleased with myself for having managed to purchase enough to stretch our meals out over 2 weeks with the exception of milk and bread. Of course, the only protein I could afford to buy were beans and yogurt, but hey, I was still happy I made in under the wire.

And then my family hit the fridge.

I think we’ll be lucky if what I bought lasts the week.

i-so-hungry-that-i-can-eat-aa-horseI really am amazed by how much food those 2 can pack away. Princess Punk ate All. Day. Long. And when she wasn’t eating, she was complaining how hungry she was. And my husband, the cook, came home and cleaned us out of last night’s leftovers (which I’d plan to have for lunch at work for the next two days) because apparently, even though he does all the cooking, the hotel is no longer letting employees eat free and he now has to pay to have a meal there. That would be the staff lunch that HE cooks. Muh. Thur. Fuck. Er.

So what can I do? It’s not like I can tell them to stop eating.

Or 10 minutes. Whatever.

Or 10 minutes. Whatever.

Princess Punk is 13 for God’s sake, I think she would actually start tearing down her room and start eating the drywall if I imposed too many limits on what she could eat at home. It’s not like she’s fat, or like she’s eating junk food…

The teenager's mantra

The teenager’s mantra

She’s just ravenously HUNGRY. All the time. And while The Zen Master is a big guy, he really doesn’t eat a crazy amount of food. It’s just between the two of them, my grocery budget has gone all to hell.


And The Peach turns one tomorrow. Holy Crap on that one by the way. Thankfully, as part of the local grocer’s “Baby Club” we’ll be getting a (small) free birthday cake for her. But we’ll still be having beans and rice for dinner. Again.

Stupid freaking budget jerk-face government insurance fucktard.


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