Setting a good example… Or not.

This morning, I leaned in to give Princess Punk a kiss good-bye.

And she punched me in the stomach.

Not hard, not to be mean, just a playful poke. Ew. Anyway, she punches me in the stomach and… I farted. Which was freaking hilarious. And I turned to The Zen Master and said, “I tried to give her a kiss goodbye and she punched me in the stomach and I farted!” As if by some miracle he hadn’t witnessed (and smelled) the whole exchange since he was standing right behind me.

Princess Punk retorts from the kitchen, “I wasn’t trying to make your butt explode mom…”

The Zen Master leans over and says,

“If I punched you in the taco would you queef?” Wow. can’t believe I just actually typed that.

Princess Punk overhears him and goes… “Heh… Taco fart.”

My first thought was how in the hell does my 13-year-old know what a queef is… And then I remembered. I told her.

Way to set the curve Mom.imnottotallyuselessLOGO


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