Potty-Mouth Mommy strikes again

Phone call from one of Princess Punk’s teachers earlier today (well, technically, yesterday, since I’m scheduling this to post tomorrow).

“Hi, I’m just calling to let you know, um… Well, I guess Princess Punk was a little rambunctious coming to class after lunch and she was kind of… Talkative with her friends. And she was talking with them but I guess it slipped out and it was in the front of the room and she said it rather loudly so others could hear it. She used some rather… Inappropriate language. And I took her out of class and I explained to her why that was not an appropriate thing to say in class. And I also did discuss this matter with Principal Useless to determine the best course of action at this point. She did get written up, but I wanted to just call you and let you know. (big pause) The um… Language she used was, (bigger pause… I swear I could hear her looking around to see if anyone was listening) ‘butt-fucking motherfucker.’ “

I had to pinch myself to keep from laughing.

I advised her I would be talking to The Princess about using appropriate language in school and ended the phone call before I giggled in her ear. Then I texted Princess Punk and let her know that she had been told several times that although I don’t care what kind of language she uses at home, it is not OK to say stuff like that in public. Especially school. The behavioral therapist has emphsized that a punishment should not be meted out unless specifically set before the screw-up. And should be upheld when it is. Since The Potty-Mouth Princess had not been warned about this prior to her faux pas, I told her, if I got another call like that she would lose her phone for 4 days. To which she meekly agreed.

Bad, BAD Mommy.

I think we both put a quarter in the swear jar for that one.


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