Sneaky sneaky…

Whatever the hell this virus/flu/cold/clusterfuck is,  it’s kinda pissing me off. I keep thinking it’s no problem and then it sneaks up behind me and pokes my lungs so I cough violently until I gag on something gross expelled from God knows where. Yuck. I really don’t need to know what my lungs taste like.


The Peach is quite amused by my copious hacking and trumpeting tissue usage.

I had to blow my nose this morning while getting ready for work.


The Peach sat in the middle of my bed grinning and telling me all about her dream last night. Or what she wanted for breakfast. Or how cool My Little Pony is. Whatever she was talking about, she was extremely enthusiastic and… Loud. Anyway. When I blew my nose, she stopped mid sentence (or babble, whatever), looked at me, wrinkled her little nose and grinned hugely. And then she slapped her hand over her mouth and nose and attempted to imitate the cacophony of brass instruments hidden under my tissue.
And then she chortled. And clapped because she was so clever and funny.

And then she wiped her hands on my pillow.
Nice one.


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