Pleasantly played-out

Okay, so it’s Monday. And I’m tired as per my usual.

Yet somehow? I don’t care. I had a really nice weekend and it kinda preemptively smoothed out Monday’s rough edges and squashed the craptasticness.

My parents’ BFFs, R&B, came up from NY to visit. I’ve known them literally my whole life and although they’re not technically related, they’re my family just as much as my parents are. I love them dearly and I wish they’d come and visit more often. (I KNOW you’re reading this, that was a shameless hint). They’re smart and funny and I think they are one of the big ole blessings in my life… Which is actually kind of funny since R is pretty much an atheist. They’re also amazing parents and serve as somewhat of a role model as to how I’d like to be with my kids. I’m fairly well convinced their son is going to be President one day. I’d totally vote for him. Anyway…

So we got to hang out with R&B which is not only nice, but it tends to put My Dad in a pretty good mood too so that’s always a bit of a relief. Princess Punk was fairly chipper all weekend and not complainy at all. The Peach was a shrieking delight and has now confirmed the fact that our current barriers are now completely useless. Cooking dinner at My Parents’ yesterday I hear this;

“Oh wow, lookit that…”

(scrabble scrabble scrabble, insane midget cackles)

Look over my shoulder to see The Peach heading towards me and THE STOVE full speed like a chunky little locomotive. She can apparently climb over the hassock and bins we’ve been using as impromptu gates faster than the adults can. And she thinks it’s super funny when people chase her. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Good food, good company, lots of laughs and hugs and intelligent conversation.

Even Princess Punk’s pre-practice, pissy I-hate-basketball-can’t-I-go-back-to-bed-I-don’t-feel-good-this-is-stupid tiradethis morning didn’t even ruin my mood.

I love my family… Ain’t love grand?


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