Princess Punk has a Prince

And I’m actually OK with it.

We went to My Parents’ on Sunday, hung out, ate dinner, watched the Superbowl… Ok… played solitare on my phone while R and My Dad watched the Superbowl.

Anyway. Princess Punk brought her boyfriend over. They’ve been “dating” about a month now… “Dating” meaning; sitting together at lunch, hanging out after school, PDA, etc. Wait… NO ETC. Just the former. That’s ALL.

Gotta say… I’m pretty happy The Princess is hanging out with a guy who’s actually not a jackhole. She’s so much more confident than I was at her age and I think she actually realizes that she doesn’t have to go out with every guy that asks. And there have been quite a few already if the random text message checks I perform are any indication. She was wicked embarassed to bring him over and spent the entire time hiding in her hoodie, occasionally sticking her nose out to say, “Oh my GOD Mom… Really?”

But BF? He was pretty sweet. He’s about a freaking foot taller than me and in 8th grade (ohmigod an older man… boy). He’s polite in a genuine way, not that snarky teenage “Yes ma’am” with the underlying “Fuck you.” He’s quiet and funny and not afraid to talk to adults. He was amused by the… dialogue going around and even chimed in with a “That’s what she said.” Very well-timed too, I think I might have snorted. On the way home, he told me how much he liked us and we’re a fun bunch to hang out with. And he was glad we weren’t normal because “Normal is boring.”

Love. It.

Oh, and he dotes on her. It’s freaking adorable. They sat together awkwardly on the couch and held hands and when My Mom said something about Princess Punk needing to stop hiding in her hoodie because she is gorgeous and she shouldn’t be embarassed, he looked at The Princess and said, very matter-of-factly, “She’s got you there.”

I like this kid. I met his mom, she insisted on meeting me before he came over. Which in my book is a sign of a good parent. She was friendly and just inquiring enough to be concerned but not nagging.

I guess he’s coming over for dinner on Saturday.

Because of the random text message checks, I get to see some of the things he says. Apparently PP’s friend had her phone and was texting back and forth to BF. She said something bitchy about BF only liking PP to make the friend mad or something ridiculously catty like that. And his reply?

“Shut up. I like PP because she’s smart and funny and she always tells me the truth and shes an awesome artist.”

Well, I’ll be damned… 13 year-old boy… Wisdom of the ages.

“You’re just jealous because you’re stupid and you act like a bitch.”

Okay… maybe not. But still, I like how he talks about my girl.

Plus, I kinda agree with him about PP’s friend, she does act like a bitch.


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