Everybody poops

But good lord, if you are an adult and you are physically capable, WIPE YOUR GODDAMN ASS!

REALLY-signAt work… AT WORK this morning (ok, scheduled post, so yesterday morning), I went into the 3-stall bathroom to find some poop smeared on the toilet seat in one of the stalls. Not a lot, but then, any amount is too much… Ech. Disgusted, I moved on to the next stall. AND THERE WAS POOP THERE TOO!

The third stall had no visible poop. But I used a seat cover anyway and washed my hands 6 times and used hand sanitizer when I got back to my office. Oh, and I locked my office door, dropped trou and put some hand sanitizer on my cheeks as well.

And it threw off my whole morning. We had a staff meeting and I spent the whole time looking around wondering who it was that was sitting in their own shit. And of course by meeting time, half the office had heard about it so we all spent some time after the meeting discussing the finer points of public restroom courtesy and hygiene. And sharing a few horror stories from when people worked in retail.

tumblr_kwzpntRN7Y1qacqyoo1_500I have a pretty high gross tolerance level, but that? That made me nauseous. AND IT WAS IN TWO STALLS… Come ON. Seriously? How can you not notice that? And if you do, how can you not clean up after yourself? How can you not clean yourself up? How is it possible that a grown woman would actually be okay, walking around their workplace with poop on their person… anywhere… ever????

19281104624408687_0H39i7Sj_c_thumbHow in the hell do you get poop there anyway? I mean it would have to be on the actual butt cheek. How does that happen?

Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me want to take a shower. Because I touched the door handle before I saw the toilet… OH gross. I need to wash my hands again.


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