Autocorrect you are bot my friends

I’m pretty sure my phone is amused with itself.

I’ve had some epic text and instant message fails that I thought I’d share with you.

Blue is what I intended, Red is what I got.

Could you go to the store and get some OJ? Could you fly top the sure and get dome oj?

Don’t drive down Mom’s driveway Don’t drove down Mom’s Silverado

this financial crap has been kicking our ass this financial crat has been licking our ass

Don’t add mispelled words to the dictionary and get your stuff doneget your stuff dine

Get off facebook and go to bed Het of facebook and go to beds

At least she’s picking her own nose Aft least shed picking het own noise

I have to pee I have to pew

I’m going to leave early I’m Hong to leave Darrell

No clue on this one though… I think it just had a seizure…  We’re going to have to get a delivery Monday, Feed eeriedata deed Zealand free free free free feet Gert# treefree free free free freerfree gee edgerGertfree free freefree challengedgrantsHIV fewer GF food carefree ccr fighter fee$ Wise

It can’t even have a good sense of humor, its just annoying…I think I might get an iphone, the text message fails are so much funnier…

Hysterical-Text-Message-Fails-Sent-With-Love-But-Met-With-Laughter-07 tumblr_lw014dQyuu1r08qs8o1_500 Hysterical-Text-Message-Fails-Sent-With-Love-But-Met-With-Laughter


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