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I have found a sort of refuge in my blog of late. I have been writing after work before bed as kind of a confirmation of cessation of the day. 1332349737139_3639332I’m trying to write a few extra as well since I tend NOT to write on the weekend since the flow of the day is less… Habitual. I am writing the majority of this crap on my phone which kinda sucks since my phone is a temperamental asshole. 

It seemed to be a good way to unwind my tightly coiled brain and so far, it’s working. Plus, I’m able to get a post scheduled every day which is nice because I feel less pressure about writing and don’t feel guilty if I miss a day since I’m a day or two ahead anyway.

I have come up against a few minor issues that annoy the everliving crap out of me. My computer is basically fucked so I have to use my phone, Princess Punk is constantly interrupting me and The Peach has a major infatuation with my phone and she can be rather… insistent.

blog-cartoonI have been wondering if my writing is declining though… I’ve noticed that since I am writing on a daily basis, sometimes, I just don’t have a whole lot to say. I think up awesome writing topics that I have a lot to say about… In the car… On the way to work. Very annoying. Of course by the time I get home, the muse that is apparently linked to the ventilation system in my car is long gone and I am occasionally stuck thinking about a single, coherent topic to write about. Not that I don’t have a million ideas racing through my head (as always), but I’ve been having an occasional difficulty pulling one out of the melee that provides enough substance for a decent post. I’m a pretty good writer most of the time and the perfectionist in me gets annoyed when what I produce is kinda… Eh.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I got my head all swole up from having a bunch of subscribers daily “likes” and an average of about 35 hits per day. Those numbers seem to have dwindled a bit and it makes me wonder if maybe I’m just getting kind of… Boring?

Nah. I’m awesome. I know because I read my blog every day.Laugh


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