Happy Valentine’s Day?

anti-valentines-dayThis year, somehow I doubt it.

The Zen Master is in Grouch Mode and I can’t figure out how to snap him out of it.

believe-much-not-valentines-day-ecard-someecardsI get home and he’s sitting with the baby, looking tired and morose. He sporadically does stuff around the house and often seems to start doing something then quit halfway through. He’s unceasingly exhausted and every time I ask him to do something he gets this annoyed look on his face. He swears it’s nothing, but I know him and if I were to cut off his foot in the middle of the night, he’d probably wake up and say “I’m fine, no problem.” I’m not asking him to do a lot mind you, but he is usually pretty decent about keeping the kitchen clean and doing a load or two of laundry. He does plenty of other stuff around the house too and he watches the baby and other really great things that I never thank him for even though I should… Frequently… With benefits… But lately? I get Grouchy Old Man. The Zen Master is hiding behind that jerk and only peeks out when The Peach does something cute or when Princess Punk does something goofy or when I flash my boobs at him in the kitchen… Overshare?

grumpyI miss my man. I miss us. I know that some of this… Maybe a lot of it, has to do with The Peach. She is ever-present, frequently clingy and, while she will fill a room with joy and awe and love, she tends to suck the energy out like a cherubic little vampire. She makes us tired. That’s what babies do. Especially speedy, stubborn, too-smart-for-their-own-good babies. But I know that’s not all. I know there is something else going on in that man’s head that is causing this ill-humored suppression of his usually serene temperament. And I’m totally freaking clueless on what it is or what to do about it. Sometimes I think he doesn’t even know.

 So I’m not expecting a Valentine’s Day. Which kinda sucks because even though it’s a ridiculous, made-up holiday that is basically designed to make single people miserable and couples broke, it’s the day The Zen Master proposed to me 3 years ago. And that was awesome. draft_lens18971664module156826446photo_1328632322weird_funny_love

Because he is the love of my life whether he be Grumpy Old Man or Zen Master.


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