Happy Valenti… Kiss My Ass

The Zen Master is…


Okay, so he was actually in a better mood yesterday. Good enough to get my hopes up that I might actually get something for V-Day.

Uh… No.

I SO need that shirt.

I SO need that shirt.

Part of me feels utterly ridiculous for expecting something on this made-up, consumer-based holiday. The other part of me is girly and disappointed and annoyed.

And last night I turned into a grumpy bitch and got extremely snippy with my entire family, even The Peach, at least until she buried her head in my boobs and pretended to snore… which to an uninitiated observer looks like my toddler is motorboating me. I digress… I was grouchy. And I yelled at Princess Punk and I snapped at The Zen Master and I whined to CrazyGirl on facebook.

It was slightly pathetic.

And CrazyGirl reminded me that The Zen Master is a man afterall and men can be kinda stupid when it comes to the whole romance thing. So before we went to sleep, I looked at my husband and said…

funny-Jon-Hamm-quote“I want you to romance me. I’m tired of just being Mommy and I want to be Wife again and you have to give me some romance or I’m going to be grumpy and whiney. And you’re a guy so I’m telling you this as clearly as possible without any kind of hints so it will be extremely clear what I want from you. I do not care what it is, flowers, dinner, a card, whatever… Just do something. Because it’s Valentine’s Day and you proposed to me on Valentine’s Day which makes it special to me even if it is a meaningless holiday. And I’m upset because you didn’t do anything at all. Clear?”

He nodded.

We’ll see.


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