No escape

I wanted to go home early yesterday. But honestly? There wasn’t really any point. My head was hurting (and still does) so bad it was making me sick to my stomach. But I thought about the logistics of going home and I realized that staying at work would be less stressful than going home early. Because I would have to pick up The Peach from My Mom’s house and I’d have to walk down the driveway. And then I’d have The Peach to chase and entertain and feed and whatnot. And because it was Wednesday, The Zen Master had class so no help from him. And Princess Punk was staying after school so I’d have to pick her up as well and then when she got home there’d be her chores to do and her attitude to deal with. So the chances of me getting an actual break, in quiet, to lay down and try and beat back a teeny bit of this pain were slim to none. So wasting my leave time on two extra hours of home stress seemed kinda stupid.

And I kinda need a break. I think if maybe, if I can get a few hours of quiet, without responsibilities yanking at my pant leg, or maybe one night of uninterrupted sleep, I might be able to get this overwhelming soul-sucking pain to ease up just a bit.

But I’m kind doubting that’ll happen. So basically right now, I’m just pushing along until my head explodes, which, given how I feel right now, should be pretty damn soon.


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