A thirteen year old should not need a nanny

Princess Punk’s last game of the season was last night. She only played about 90 seconds. The coach told me that when she plays, she’s good, but apparently she’s been sitting out in practice fairly frequently because she “forgot” her gear. Which I think is kind of odd since I watch her walk through the door of the gym with it in her hand. So, she didn’t get to play very much in the last game because the other girls… You know… Gave a flying fuck and actually put in the work.

“It’s not my fault, I can’t catch up to the other girls level.”

Which is a load of horseshit because when she did play last night, she was just as good as the other girls and even better than a couple. And the coach agrees that when she actually puts in any kind of effort, she is good.

And the schoolwork has dropped off too. She was running %100 in math for awhile, like a good month. Then she “forgot” a few assignments and her grade is now in the low 80’s.

And then of course, there’s the daily 12:30 calls from the nurse because her blood sugar is over 300 because she “forgot” to bolus her snack. Which half the time was NOT something from the carefully counted food from home.

I think I should get her memory checked.

See, the thing is, she was doing really really great for awhile there. And I thought, “Wow, she’s doing so well! I’ll back off because she is really handling her shit!” So I did. I stopped monitoring her so closely that I felt like I was stalking her. And she fucked up.

So apparently, she does need a nanny.

Not. It.kijiji-stupid_teenagers


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