Again? Seriously?

Snotty Peach gave me a snotty cold. AGAIN.


I am currently laying on the couch with my feet in The Zen Master’s lap watching Supernatural with him and Princess Punk while Typhoid Mary plays happily on the floor. The only indication of her sickness is the constant stream of snot from her nose accompanied by random coughs producing a brief but disgusting bubble. I, on the other hand, am wiped out. My head hurts in the usual places with the addition of my sinuses reverberating at a frequency that makes my teeth buzz. My cough is ouchy and dry I get out of breath walking to the bathroom. Joy. I actually blacked out briefly yesterday from lack of O2 and then lay on the floor in The Peach’s room for 20 minutes until The Zen Master got home because Princess Punk was too busy texting to notice her mother was gasping on the floor in the next room. Although I’m not exactly sure how she didn’t hear me on the baby monitor…

At least The Zen Master is pampering me… Kinda.



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