Got home last night from work…

Walked in the door…

~~~~ quiet~~~~

Neat living room.

Clean kitchen.

Neat bedroom.

Fresh sheets on made up bed.

Oh… Did I mention?

~~~~ quiet~~~~


The Zen Master was teaching class. The girls were at My Mom’s… All night. In a fit of reciprocal good will, I even cleaned the refrigerator. And I sat in my nightshirt, on the couch, with a beer and Fairy Dog, watching my British crime shows (currently, Wire in the Blood) and blogging and giggling while I searched google images and basked in the

~~~~ quiet~~~~

and waited for The Zen Master to get home. then we ate hamburgers (a real treat on our meager budget) and ice cream with no greedy little hands snatching and smearing on the floor, couch, dog and clothes. And then we snuggled and planned to watch something violent that we would never watch with our children within 100 feet of the TV. But we ended up watching The X-Files. Which I don’t really remember anyway because then?

We slept.



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