Town Meeting Day

It’s Town Meeting Day.

It was one of the things I learned about Vermont when I moved here that just tickled me. Florida has no such thing that I’m aware of. Town Meeting Day here is a chance to be involved in the political process. Town governing boards meet with the people of the community and discuss budget issues and zoning stuff and vote on town spending and how much of our paychecks get sucked into the local schools. And I love that. That Vermont still cares about what the citizens here think about what is going on in their cities and towns. People even get a day off work so they can attend. I went every year when I moved here.

Of course, I couldn’t get my lazy ass there today. Which means I’m a shining example of how (at least partly) the democratic process in this country gets totally screwed up. Because citizens are lazy and don’t participate.

I heard this on VPR this morning and it made me want to actually get out of bed and go to the meeting this year. But then I had a cinnamon roll.

“Welcome to Middlesex Town Meeting.

We have come together in civil assembly, as a community, in a tradition that is older than our state itself.

We come together to make decisions about our community.

As we deliberate, let us advocate for our positions, but not at the expense of others.

Let us remember that there is an immense gap between saying ‘I am right’ and saying ‘I believe I am right.’ And that our neighbors with whom we disagree are good people with hopes and dreams as true and as high as ours.

And let us always remember that, in the end, caring for each other, in this community, is of far greater importance than any difference we may have.


Makes you feel all tingly and civic-minded don’t it?


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