And I’m Easy…

Easy Like Sunday Mornin’…


What???? Ohhh, you thought I meant easy… Only for The Zen Master…


Yeah. Dork. You knew that.
I hate typing Hahahahahahaha… It doesn’t quite capture the laughiness of my giggle. LOL seems silly to type in a blog… Not that Hahahahahahaha is normal…

Wow. Random much?


Anyway… Quarter to 7 on Sunday morning… Slouched in bed, kids asleep, The Zen Master gone to work, Fairy Dog curled up in the bend of my knee. Got my cuppa coffee and a pop tart and my headache is a manageable dull roar. MI-5, blog and Candy Crush Saga,


I’m relishing these few quiet moments before The Peach awakens and I rouse Princess Punk to help me make cinnamon rolls. OK… To sit in the living room in a zombie-like state, screwing around on her nook while paying just enough attention to her sister to prevent imminent death while I make cinnamon rolls.

And then, I suppose I’ll attempt to get something done around the house. Maybe.



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