Bored now…

OK, so far the only thing I have to day about the iron infusion is… I’m friggin bored. Thank God there’s WiFi in here…

Thankfully, The Peach had only one episode of puking last night. At 2am. In my bed. So I got to sit on the edge of my need with a vomit-soaked Peach dry-heaving in my lap while The Zen Master ran around in a frantic stupor trying to find a towel and clean clothes. And then I washed myself up since a fair amount of barf had gotten on me too. By the time I got back to bed, the worn out baby was asleep in her wornout father’s arms. Put her in the carseat so she wouldn’t choke if she threw up again while she was sleeping and went back to bed. She was cranky but OK this morning and is currently galavanting around Burlington with My Mom and Princess Punk running errands while I recline in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV with something that looks kinda like cough syrup slooooooowly making it’s way into my veins.
HTC you are my savior, my game apps should keep me from going completely crazy with boredom.
I am a bit itchy tho… I should probably tell the nurse that.


Only 4 more hours…


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