C’mon admit it… You totally missed me :)

Left-side incision 9 days post-op

Left-side 9 days post-op

Surgery April 10th…

The surgeon was extremely pleased, both sides were repaired without a hitch. On the right they removed some scar tissue and bone spurs and on the left the did some reconstruction and fixed the disc.

Right-side... it's there I swear

Right… it’s there I swear

The incisions are much smaller and more discreet than I was expecting, virtually no bruising and the swelling wasn’t even too bad. Oh, and also…




Sweet Euphoric Relief!!

I was really not expecting so much relief so fast, but I swear, as soon as I became cognizant of my surroundings, after the ketamine (isn’t that a horse tranquilizer?) wore off, I felt AMAZINGLY better. That horrible, awful, debilitating, chronic pain I’ve been dealing with for I’ve lost track of how many months? GONE. I obviously have some post-op achyness and whatnot but the headache and neck pain and shoulder pain and even back and arm pain are about 95% resolved.

One Day post-op

One Day post-op

The Peach was terrified of me the first day and I have to admit, my appearance reminded me slightly of when a cat I had got in a fight and had an infected bite on the side of his face which made him look all weirdly deformed for awhile. They gave me clonodine (sp?) as pain relief to go home with and it made me a teeny bit loopy. I vaguely recall sitting on my bed at one point, looking down and then earnestly asking The Zen Master, “When did I take off my shirt?” He was… Amused. I decided it was best if I only take that at night.

So… Pain is way down. My stamina however? Variable… At the moment I seem to be unable to predict how long I’ll be able to do any particular activity. I actually went in to work on Friday… A day (plus the weekend) earlier than I had planned to, but I only worked 6 hours and I was exhausted. And yeah, by the end of the day I did have a bit of a headache from the post-op ache in my left jaw, but still nothing compared to what it was before. Plus I think I talked too much. Soft food and limited talking for a month to give the joint time to heal. Soft food I can manage, but shutting my claptrap? That’s going to be a tough one. My Mom took us to Williston on Monday because I had my surgical follow-up appointment and Princess Punk had her behavior therapist so we decided to make a day of it. Princess Punk was on spring break last week and I was going slightly stir crazy in my own home. I did spend Sunday at My Mom’s with the girls but since Princess Punk was being an evil snitch and I was not really super capable of Peach-Care, My Mom spent the day chasing after an extremely active toddler. That was a bit much. So we had an outing. We all had a lovely time with the exception of having my stitches removed and having some gross bloody post-operative crap flushed out of my ear. Ugh. Nasty. We took home sushi for dinner which I thought would be soft enough for me to eat. Unfortunately, although the actual chewing of the pieces of spicy tuna roll was relatively manageable, getting the damn thing into my mouth was troublesome at best. Heh. That’s what she said. Anyway, like the stubborn asshole I am, I ate it anyway and woke up the next morning in pain. Well… DUH.

10 days later...

10 days later…

Overall though, as long as I stick to pudding, ice cream, soup, eggs and other various squishy things, I’m ok. I have been trying to spice it up a bit without pushing it, there’s only so much clam chowder a girl can eat after all. I can manage white bread (not toasted), stewed chicken (I made arroz con pollo on Wednesday… AWESOME), french toast and cut up hot dogs. I’ve tried a couple of other things but I’m scared to push it too much. I got a very stern warning from my physical therapist on Wednesday that I need to be wary of feeling so much better. She knows me, I’ve been working with her since I first lost the weight and she knows that I tend to feel invincible when my pain level  is low… Which leads to me fucking myself up worse than before. She said it is important for me to give the joint time to heal with the disc in the correct position and if I overdo it I may end up right back where I was or even worse. Which would really, really suck. So I’ll deal with clam chowder for a month if it means I can keep that vortex of pain from coming back.

I’m happy to be me again! Now just to catch up on my posts…


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  1. Mrs D
    Apr 21, 2013 @ 01:50:00

    Glad you’re feeling better 🙂


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