Guess What?!?



I am completely scatterbrained. I just walked into the kitchen, walked out again, walked in again and stood there for a full minute trying to remember what the fuck I went there for in the first place. It’s a pretty small kitchen.

I keep forgetting words mid-sentence. This is actually not completely abnormal for me since my ADD occasionally hijacks my train of thought and abruptly pulls a conversation WAY off the tracks. But recently? It’s been pretty frequent. Like every conversation I have is interspersed with random pauses wherein I scowl at the ceiling and silently (or not silently) curse while I try to remember the fucking word for that thing… in the living room… you know, the thing… that you sit on… like a chair? but bigger?


I’m sorry, the correct answer was “What is a couch? Yes, that’s; what is(dramatic pause) a couch.”

Earlier, while attempting to have a coherent conversation with a co-worker who happens to be a psychologist, I had one of these complete lapses in my command of the English language, I was asked if I was put under general anesthesia (as opposed to a local with a sedative). When I told him that I was, he informed me that the aftereffects of anesthesia can last several weeks and that I would probably be stupid for another week or two.

c_is_for_cookieOk, he’s very nice and he actually said that I’d probably have another week or so of memory problems and difficulty finding words. This caused a mental giggle as I got a brief image in my head of The Cookie Monster frantically searching for the word “Cookie” spelled out in big letters made of cookies (how awesome would that be???). And then I remembered that ‘C’ is for cookie and that’s good enough for him…

Jesus, I have to stop watching Sesame Street with The Peach.

Anyway, after my momentary departure from reality, we finished up our conversation with another assurance from him that this was not at all permanent.




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  1. My Mom
    Apr 25, 2013 @ 17:09:01

    this happens to me all the time, remember cucumber for penguin? And I don’t have any excuses, except age, and wierd mind altering meds, and … what was I talking about? see you early, love you, M



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