I can’t decide…

I can’t decide if she is trying to kill herself or if she is just fucking stupid.

SIX Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies.


At 26g of carbs each. She takes is supposed to take a unit of insulin for every 7g of carbs she eats.

That’d be 156g of carbs, needing 22.2 units of insulin.

She must have taken some because her blood sugar was only 464 six hours later. After a dinner bolus (I hope).

I think I’m going to wire her jaw shut so she can only have liquids that I provide and can count for and cover.

Maybe I could lock her in her room and shove food under the door… Of course, then I’d have to cut a hole in the door for her to stick her pump through so I can ensure insulin delivery.

Stupid fucking obstinate self-destructive child.


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