Really Vermont? REALLY?

Last night (scheduled post so whatever), the temperature dropped to 30 degrees. 30 degrees when I woke up this morning freezing because our window was open (just a lil’ bit). Why was our window open when it was 30 degrees you ask? Because it hit 78 yesterday afternoon. After cooking dinner, the thermostat inside the house read 81. Stellar idea putting the thermostat right next to the kitchen… Anyway… Today? 79. That’s a FORTY-NINE DEGREE change in temperature in 12 hours.

Take THAT Virginia!

Take THAT Virginia!

My body is convinced I’m going through menopause early because of the drastic temperature shifts.

I know the weather in Vermont is kinda… Wacky, but that seems just a bit much…

Global warming/climate change is a myth? MY ASS.

I never understood that phrase… WTF does my ass have to do with a bunch of stubborn ignoramuses (ignorami? Um. No.) denying the existence of a scientifically proven phenomenon?

Although, personally, I think it has less to do with fossil fuel consumption and more to do with unchecked population growth but that’s a post for a different time.

The Peach seems to be enjoying global warming

The Peach seems to be enjoying global warming

FYI, I’m going to stop stating scheduled posts are scheduled unless REALLY relevant to the content. It doesn’t really fucking matter and I’m assuming that anyone reading this is not going to check the weather reports for Northeastern Vermont to make sure I was actually being truthful about the temperature shifts. As if a weather report would be reliable anyway, the climate changes from area to area are ridiculously variable because of mountain, valley and lake effects on temperature and precipitation. The temp will be 42 degrees and cloudy at my house and at My Mom’s, 10 minutes away, it’s 34 and snowing. Slight altitude change and everything is all shot to hell. Or the heavens? Whatever. Regardless, I’m not going to qualify my scheduled posts anymore since so many of them are.


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