It had to happen eventually…

1364132232559161Princess Punk and I have synchronized our cycles.

I’ve been slowly creeping towards her ever since I had The Peach. Not exactly sure why she couldn’t meet me halfway but the girl is as regular as clockwork. Me? Not so much.

“Oh, by the way Mom, I started my period.”


“Uh… Ya.”

“What a coincidence! Me too!”

Run. Just... Run.

Run. Just… Run.

I could hear her roll her eyes.


 My poor Zen Master…

At least by the time The Peach hits her… Womanhood… Princess Punk will be in grad school (one hopes).





Yes. This was an entire post devoted to a discussion of the menses of myself and my 13-year-old.

Oh, and just because it was gross AND it made me snort…1363973998319144

I’d say it ruined Peeps for me but I never liked the damn things anyway.


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