Sometimes it just hits me

I lay here in my bed, listening to The Zen Master snore. I just Brought The Rain and now I’m watching The Peach as she falls into the deep sleep that permits a move to her own bed.

And I realize…

I’m a wife. And a mom. I have a husband who loves me. I have two incredible, beautiful daughters. I’m staring at my Peach, looking so innocent and angelic and I am (almost) forgetting the multiple temper tantrums she hurled our way today.

And I see it. Or rather, I see me. I get a glimpse of her and she looks… Like me.

Princess Punk looks startlingly like Sperm Donor. A genetic trait that she has made her own, molded into something that is, at times, absolutely breathtaking. The Peach, from her first screeching breath, has been a clear-cut copy of The Zen Master in female form. It was actually upsetting to me for awhile, if I hadn’t pushed her out myself, I’d have some serious doubts about her origins.

But there I am tonight. Laying there beside me. A pretty, golden, curly, child version of myself.

And she’s mine. I’m her mama. They’re my girls. He’s my husband.

I’m a married mother of two. And I’m not alone anymore. Because they’re all a part of me. A part of my soul. And now, in both girls, I see that I’m a part of them too.

And that’s kinda nice.


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