Can’t Trust That Day…

Ba baa, baa da da da….

Get it? No? Tough. I grew up the child of former hippies… Look it up.


Princess Punk got suspended for hitting her BFF in the boob with her hat. Then she said “Haha, boobie shot!”

Funny, but unfortunately, the school has a no-tolerance policy for that kinda thing so…

She got picked up at 11am.

The Zen Master was… Displeased. The news of the need for him to go get her came on the heels of the news that the $100 he had just transferred into savings left my checking account with a balance of $18 with at least 3 outstanding transactions totalling another $110 (I think? Gotta double-check on that) so I needed more.

He’s grumpy now. He had a dentist appointment at 2pm so that didn’t really help his mood either.

I’d have stopped on the way home to get him some chocolate but… Right. No money.

Hey Monday… Next time YOU grab your ankles. I’m getting a crick in my back.



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