My poor car… and wallet

I got paid this past Thursday. That would be 5 days ago.

I’m already overdrawn. Joy. Mortgage hit this check, Diabetes camp $50 non-refundable application fee, soccer uniform ($20), med refill ($14) and calcium and iron pills ($43) which are the two supplements I cannot miss AT ALL. Oh yeah, and we’re out of diapers, milk and eggs.

And guess what? This week is going to suck even more out of savings. And I swear, I’m only whining a little bit. Mostly just stating the facts.

Here’s the breakdown on driving last week and this week (this would be my car only. Not counting The Zen Master’s Beater Truck)-

Start with a base on the weekdays of 39 miles round trip for work.

4/29 –  The Zen Master calls me at 7:30am to inform me that I still had the carseat in my car. Actually had 2 carseats since I had installed a 2nd in my car over the weekend (we got 2 at the baby shower) precisely so this would not happen. But, then My dear husband forgot and took The Peach to My Mom’s and left the 1st seat there for me to bring home.  Since he had to take Princess Punk to soccer practice before I would get home, he needed the carseat. Home and back again. 39 miles. Total – 78 miles

4/30 – Princess Punk’s behavioral therapist. She also had a doctor appointment directly beforehand and The Zen Master was able to get her there and then to my place of work. She apparently has “Runner’s Knee?” Physical therapy appointments to be scheduled. 42 miles round trip back to work. (work to home is obviously included in the base #). Total – 81 miles

5/1 – TMJ doctor. NOT the surgeon. But I’ll be seeing him too, just read on. 56 miles round trip back to work. Total – 95 miles

5/2 – No appointments, just a never-ending staff meeting. Put miles on my brain but not the car. Total – 39 miles

5/3 – Physical Therapy. I got to learn 3 exercises to help stretch my jaw so I have the capacity to eat an actual sandwich again. And… other stuff. The Zen Master is happy about that (overshare? My bad.). 26 miles round trip back to work. Total – 65 miles

5/4 – Brought Princess Punk’s friend home from a sleepover. 6 miles. Race to the thrift shop to drop off several boxes of outgrown clothes before they closed. They actually held the store open an extra 10 minutes so I could get there. Less clutter- YAY! 2 miles. Total – 8 miles

5/5 – Soccer game in South Burlington. 91 miles round trip back home. 45 minutes later, off to youth group. 22 miles round trip back to home. Total – 113 miles

5/6 – Princess Punk’s behavioral therapist. The Zen Master had a dentist appointment and couldn’t bring her so I had to drive from work to the school to pick her up (20 miles), drive to the doctor (45 miles) and back to work (28 miles (actually past work and then home but still using my base number here)).  Total – 132 miles (Editor’s note- thanks to the colossal Monday clusterfuck I actually picked Princess Punk up from My Mom’s, but the mileage is the same)

5/7 – Surgical follow-up. 52 miles round trip back to work. Total – 91 miles

5/8 – Princess Punk’s psychiatrist. Same building as the behavioral therapist, but of course, they couldn’t possibly schedule them on the same day. The Zen Master has class and My Mom is on jury duty. So… from work to the school to pick up The Princess (20 miles) drive to the doctor (45 miles) and back to work (28 miles, again, really past work and then home). Total – 132 miles

5/9 – Barring some major calamity, just work. Total – 39 miles

5/10 – Physical Therapy. 26 miles round trip back to work. Total – 65 miles

That makes a grand total of 860 miles in 10 days. There will also be another away game, 2 more doctor appointments and a teacher conference next week before I get paid again. I’m likely to be over 1000 miles by then.

My car gets 22 miles to the gallon.  Which calculates out to about 39 gallons. Gas tax went up 5 cents per gallon on May 1st making local gas prices around 3.61 per gallon.

That’d be approximately $141 in gas by the end of this week I’m guessing another $30-40 before next Thursday (payday).

Can I deduct that from my taxes as a medical expense? I think if my car doesn’t go on strike, I just might.

So I guess I’m Mom Taxi. Does that make me a Maxi? Ew. I think I’ll just settle for Overdrive Mama… OM… See? Kinda Zen when you put it that way…

ETA- for some reason wordpress it being shitty about my formatting, please excuse any formatting inconsistencies. No biggie, but the perfectionist in me just had a stress-induced seizure.


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