An email response to My Mom


Princess Punk has a game Sunday, Milton I think? not sure. Then next weekend is the walk. Not looking like we’ll get a lot of participants again this year 😦
I’m wondering if The Princess could take some time with you at some point? I think the 2 of us need a break. I’m about to fucking kill her and she doesn’t have anything to say to me that’s not brightly colored with ‘tude. I’ve been very permissive and given her a lot more privileges than she’s been getting but then she asks for more and treats me like shit if I say no. And she’s conveniently “forgetting” shit. If (friend’s daughter) wasn’t taking soccer, I’d have no idea that there was practice because I only find out from (friend). She told The Zen Master there was no practice today. Then asked if she could go to a friend’s house. Then when I told her she did have practice she said she only found out about it after the bus left. I feel like everything that she says to me is complete and utter bullshit and at this point she could tell me that the sky is blue and I’d go check. 
Maybe Friday?
I can hear your brain screaming “Payback’s a bitch!” and I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just looking for a break so I don’t cause her bodily harm.
Love U

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