How odd.

Yesterday, I was just talking to My Mom about Allie, the amazing and somewhat warped mind behind Hyperbole and a Half. I was saying how her last post was probably the truest description of how depression actually feels and how I’d wondered from time to time, since it was so very long ago, what the hell happened to her. I knew where she was. I’d been there. And I hoped this really brilliant and funny young woman hadn’t succumbed to the sucking vortex that is depression. And tonight, whilst writing a Mother’s Day post, I looked over my page and noticed my links and thought,

“I wonder if she ever came back…”

And I clicked it.

And she apparently posted this yesterday

Depression Part 2

Welcome Back Allie. I hope the vortex doesn’t suck you back in. I don’t know you, but I’d like to think that you can kick it’s sorry ass back to where it came from.


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