Lottery Dreams

I bought a PowerBall ticket yesterday. Jackpot was 360 million. And no, I didn’t win. The Zen Master thinks I’m an idiot for spending $3 on something that I’d have a better chance of getting hit by lightening than winning the actual jackpot. I used to buy tickets every week. But then our finances got tight and now, maybe twice every 6 weeks or so when the jackpot gets really big. 

What it comes down to, for me at least? I’m not expecting to win. I know what the chances are, I’m realistic. What I’m spending my $3 on is the opportunity to think about it. If you never buy the ticket, there’s absolutely no chance of ever winning anything. But that $3 buys me the tiniest sliver of a sliver of a chance that I can build a dream around. I don’t even know what I’d do with a huge jackpot like that. But I’ve thought about it.

There’s a few things that run a common thread throughout my quarter-billion dollar fantasy (give or take after taxes).

Before I even claimed the prize, I’d hire a financial planner. And a lawyer. Because I’m irresponsible and naive and I don’t want to end up one of those people who wins a shit-load of money and then is broke a year later. And the lawyer could help with a few other things, like getting custody issues with Princess Punk straightened out (because I really don’t want Sperm Donor thinking he has any claim whatsoever to anything, including my daughter). Oh, and I’d see what I could do for Terry. I might not be able to get him out of prison, but I might be able to make things go a little smoother for the last few years on his sentence.

Before anything else gets spent, I’d set up my girls. Trust funds or something. It’d be nice for them to be able to chose whatever college they might want to go to without having to worry about tuition. I’d do the same for my Sister-in-Law’s kids. They should have the opportunity to make a good life without debt hanging over their heads as well.

Since with that much money, I probably would quit my job (although if I won a lesser amount, probably not), I’d have to buy health insurance. Princess Punk’s insulin alone is over $1000 a month without insurance. I don’t give a crap how rich you are, that’s a lot to spend on a monthly basis and still have to cover, doctor’s appointments, pump supplies and any serious medical emergencies that might come up (say a $15,000 hospital stay for diabetic ketoacidosis). Plus my own stuff… So health insurance is a must.

My Parents and The Zen Master’s Parents. It’d be nice if they could actually retire at retirement age (which would be now) instead of working until age 72 like my Mother-in-Law plans to. Pay off My Parent’s mortgage and get My In-Laws into a house that is actually heated in the winter. Take care of their health insurance too. And since we’re on family, I’d get My SiL in a house instead of a 2 bedroom apartment for her and her 3 kids. But not too much else for her. I’m happy to make sure her kids are set up and they have a nice place to live, but we’re not going to support her, she needs to be able to do that herself.

New cars. It’d be SO nice to have a car that is actually under warranty. I’ve always wanted an SUV hybrid. I don’t need a Mercedes or BMW, I want a car that can handle the road conditions here, is comfortable, has enough space for all of us and has good fuel economy. And one for The Zen Master too.

And the lottery fantasy I spend the most time thinking about? A new house. I think we’d probably buy the right piece of land, with a level building area, a lawn big enough for a jungle gym thingy for The Peach and a soccer area (not a whole field) for Princess Punk. And lots of trees. Then we could build the house we want. I don’t want some huge McMansion, What I’d like is a good sized house that uses space efficiently. I want a kitchen that you can move around and cook in without tripping over yourself or other people, with really nice appliances. Bedrooms big enough to have dressers with drawers that open without you having to move the bed. Built-in bookcases. Built in shelving in the girls’ rooms. Efficient heating. Radiant heat in the bathrooms (but nowhere else, my feet get hot). A spa tub and shower in my bathroom. (bathroom and kitchen are the only places where I’d really be willing to spend a good amount) A finished basement. A 2 car garage, just big enough for two cars. And a shed to put the other stuff in. An attic. A fireplace in the family room. Wired throughout so The Zen Master can get his geek on.

“Mom… If you win the PowerBall or something, would you buy me a horse?”

“Uh… Sure. If we win the PowerBall, you can have a horse.”

Watch, now we’re gonna win and I’ll have to stick to it.


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