Am I just being a big whiny baby?

As I’m laying in bed this morning dealing with another unfortunate flare up of external ass issues (that’d be hemorrhoids), I find myself wondering if I’m just being a wimp.
It seems kinda like there is always some sort of ailment, physical or mental that is prohibiting me from living my life to the fullest. Stomach issues, difficult pregnancy, chronic pain and when I finally got that kicked, I’ve got hemorrhoids again. Oh, and the whole bipolar thing too of course.
Am I just being hypersensitive? Is it possible that I’m subconsciously using these things to get sympathy and to get out of doing stuff I need to do? Or am I really just prone to not doing things halfway? I can’t just have TMJ, I have to have it so bad that it needs surgery. I can’t just have hemorrhoids, I get blood clots that are more painful than childbirth.
And because I’m so open about things so prone to oversharing, I wonder if it sounds to other people like I’m just full of crap and looking for attention. I’m not… Just to be clear. And I’m really not trying to complain (OK, at least part of the time) but it seems as though I answer every request with the phrase, “I wish I could but… (insert current malady here)”
Am I being a wimp? Seeking attention? Being a hypochondriac? Or is all this stuff really a little out of proportion for one person to deal with?
Just wondering really…


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  1. coffeepoweredmom
    May 18, 2013 @ 20:18:30

    I feel wimpy and pathetic sometimes too! Don’t be down on yourself. I like to think that since I’m aware of my potential whiny-ness that it means that I’m really not whiny. Or something… 😀


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