Happy Days are Here Again

As I’m sure anyone who has read more than 2 posts on this blog knows, I think Vermont is a great place to live.

spring flowersWinters are too long and they can really suck towards the end, but this time of year? Makes those last few months of craptastic, freezing, fall-on-your-ass icy, grey sky, colorless winter drift away into distant memory, so much so that when winter comes around again, you spend the first few months enchanted and enjoying the beautiful vistas and cozy nights at home.

Today was a gorgeous day. Truly. Everything all fragrant and fresh and bright and colorful. Purples and pinks and blues and yellows and that verdant springtime green that is so vivid and bright that it seems to scream “Rejoice! Life blooms and abounds! Enjoy and indulge!!” Even the rain (which has been frequent this past week) is invigorating and happy.

The temperatures here vary wildly. Springtime often necessitates an amusing guessing game when picking out one’s wardrobe in the morning. Sunny and mild? Jeans and a t-shirt, sandals and a hoodie. Rainy? Jeans with the cuff rolled up, t-shirt, sneakers and a jacket. Cloudy and warm? Dress and a light sweater, close-toed shoes (it’ll be humid, gotta be able to air out). Cloudy and cold? Jeans, long-sleeved shirt, sneakers. Sunny and warm? Capris, flip-flops lightweight shirt. Hot? As little as decency will allow. And of course, this is all just a guess anyway since it can all change in a moment. Don’t like the weather in Vermont? Wait 5 minutes.

Our house gets hot. Poor layout combined with poor insulation makes for a sauna like atmosphere, particularly in the kitchen and living room. Cooked dinner last night and the thermostat read 81 by the time I went to bed. I do miss Florida’s universal central air. But still, the hot days in Vermont are much more palatable than the ever-present, oppressive, brain-sucking hot-and-humid in Florida. There’s usually some kind of breeze and I’d say about 85% of the time it’s actually pleasant to go outside when it’s hot. And we do have a window AC unit in our bedroom.

vprdotnetI went for a walk at lunch today and even though it was warm, I managed to maintain a brisk pace without wanting to curl up and die after a block. I was slightly warm when I got back to my office but not sweaty or sick to my stomach like I would have been had I stupidly attempted that activity in Florida. Which would have been inadvisable anyway since walking within 10 feet of a road there is tantamount to a suicide attempt. I spent most of my walk smelling lilacs as the sun gently shone on me like some sort of benevolent felicitation from Mother Nature herself.

It’s just impossible to be in a pissy mood on a day like today.


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