The Toddler Lexicon – an addendem to The Toddler Mandates

I’ve noticed that my youngest spawn is extremely talkative. Actually, anyone within a 300 yard radius has noticed that my youngest spawn is extremely talkative. Unfortunately, most of her extensive vocabulary is only understood by her immediate family. I do need to add that she is extremely clear in her desires. But without her stubborn haughty despotic imperial distinct body language, the average outsider would bring on her wrath for their ignorance of her needs. So I figured I’d put together a list… Part one, I’m guessing, since I’m sure I’ve left a few out and she continues to add more everyday.

In no particular order other than the random sequence in which they popped into my brain…

  • Meemeee- her binky. I seriously have no friggin idea how binky morphed into meemeee, but there you go.
  • Ehye- Elly, her blankie. It’s a small satin lined square with an elephant’s head protruding from the center. Which, now that I’ve typed it out, sounds rather gross. It’s actually pretty cute. She will randomly shove it in your face and say “Ehye?” to which you must respond by kissing Elly on the nose. And then she squeals (The Peach, not the elephant).



  • Ahdun- All done. All one word and usually accompanied by a weird sort of shrug with her head to one side and hands turned up and outstretched. This usually happens when she’s full and is a warning that further edible offerings will result in a Fairy Dog feeding. She also occasionally does this when she’s offered some non-food item like say, a meemee when she doesn’t want to take a nap.
  • Up-p-p- Up. When she want’s to be picked up, put in the highchair or changed. A very useful word because she will often use this, accompanied by an emphatic nod, as a response to an inquiry about a snack or possible poop (Not it!).
  • Uht!- Not to be confused with Up-p-p. Technically, it also means up, but a different kind of up. This is the fun word she uses when playing on the playground, standing on her tippy-toes, doing leg lifts on the changing table or getting thrown around by The Zen Master or Princess Punk as I look on with gut-wrenching terror.
  • Dahn!- The opposite of Uht!. Duh…
  • Dahyeee- Daddy. Usually exclaimed in joy whenever The Zen Master walks into the room. Often immediately followed by “Up-p-p!”
  • Maamaa- Yours truly. Usually exclaimed with a whine whenever she wants food. Often immediately followed by angry little slaps at whatever body part is within reach. Boobs are preferred.
  • Ditdee- Sissy. Rarely used except in response to, “Where’s Sissy?” accompanied by an accusatory finger directed at Princess Punk. And also often a giggle or a squeal.
  • Beh- Bear. Fairy Dog’s non-blog name. Usually paired with…
  • Ba-ba-ba- Pat-pat-pat. The Peach likes to hit. Hard. So now everytime she does we say,No hitting. Pat-pat, rub-rub.” Which results in vigorous patting and indian-burn producing rubbing. Thankfully Fairy Dog is blissfully tolerant and takes the abuse with a tail wag and an occasional pleading look in my direction.
  • Beebee- Doobie, my Mom’s dog. Old and kinda smelly, he is not especially tolerant but will put up with the abuse as The Peach has proven herself to be a neverending supply of half chewed, sticky foodstuffs. He makes me nervous and he has growled at her twice. He’s too lazy to do more than rumble, he didn’t even lift his head either time. Still, if he does it again, I’m taking him for a “walk in the woods.”
  • Mummum- Mima. What the girls call My Mom. She positively squiggles on the mornings we tell her we’re going to Mima’s house. Mima has the best toys.
  • Doh- Door. Doors are superfun and they open and close and open and close and open and close and open and… Mommy? What’s wrong Mommy? Why are you banging your head against the wall?
  • Esh- Yes. Always said with conviction and accompanied by a solemn nod.
  • Dat?- That. If she wants something within sight but out of reach of her chubby little digits, she will repeat is over and over and over again until you pick up whatever the hell it is she’s pointing at.
  • No- Well… No. One of the most frequently used words in her vocabulary.
  • Nuhnuhnuh- Also no. But reserved as a response to “Give (Mommy/Daddy/Sissy/Mima) a (hug/kiss).” Biba (aka My Dad) never gets a Nuhnuhnuh. Ever.
  • "EEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!"


    Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!- Ohmigod-that-was-the-coolest-thing-EVER! Used at least 10 times a day and will make your ears bleed every time.

As I type this all up, I realize this is definitely going to be a two-parter.

To be continued…


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