Because it was Sunday morning. And Princess Punk stayed over a friend’s house. And The Zen Master was at work. The Peach and I got to hang out. And maybe it was the Ritalin, or maybe it was the Cafe Bustelo, or maybe it was the anticipation of a Monday off, or maybe it was just second episode of Sesame Street, but I was feeling kinda silly and sent the following flurry of text messages to my husband…

We’re having a buh-buh-beee breakfast… Bananas and Blueberries

Oh… And red buh-buh-Bull for Mommy

Ew… And then The Peach had a buh-buh-Bowel movement

Hah! It was a buh-buh-Bluff!

And today? The girls are at My Mom’s and The Zen Master and I got to have buh-buh-Blueberry pancakes in buh-buh-Bed while we watched buh-buh-Breaking Bad.



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