Wishful Wednesday

I am grumpy. I’m trying to figure out if this is a there’s-too-much-shit-going-on-in-my-life thing or a I-have-bipolar-disorder-and-PMS thing. So, me being me, I’m making a list. A list of the things that I’d wish for right now that would relieve some of the stress that is bogging me down at the moment.

  • I wish Princess Punk didn’t have diabetes. That’s a given I guess.
  • I wish that if Princess Punk still has to deal with diabetes, she actually pays attention to her blood sugar, takes care of her insulin and stops sneaking food into her bedroom.
  • I wish My Dad was nicer to my oldest daughter.
  • For that matter, I wish My Dad was nicer to me and My Mom too.
  • I wish The Peach wouldnt spit at me every time I say “no” to her. Seriously. somewhere between a raspberry and actual spitting but she does it every. fucking. time.
  • I wish The Peach was as happy to see me as she is The Zen Master and Princess Punk.
  • I wish The Peach slept in her own goddamn bed.
  • I wish I could actually fall asleep at night like a normal person.
  • I wish I would actually follow my surgeon’s instructions for a “soft food diet” so I don’t totally screw up the fact that that horrible pain I had for so long was fixed.
  • I wish that Princess Punk showed me, her father, and everyone else in her life a modicum of respect.
  • I wish that my income that I bust my ass for actually paid all my bills.
  • I wish I didn’t have to hold my breath when I swipe my debit card at the grocery store.
  • I wish Princess Punk didn’t ask for all kinds of expensive shit and then get mad when we tell her no.
  • I wish that every once in awhile, if the request was reasonable enough, we could afford to say yes.
  • I wish that it wasn’t raining right now.
  • I wish that I had some control over my brain so that when my husband tells me he’s dizzy, I don’t go into an elaborate scenario in my head where I end up a psychotic widow living in my parents’ basement.
  • I wish I was as patient as The Zen Master.
  • I wish that my skin had not decided that it was time for payback after going through my teenage years without a blemish. With interest. Compounded.
  • I wish that our government was closer to the one on The West Wing. It’s be nice if they all got their heads out of their asses and quit the bullshit and realized these are actual people with lives and homes and families that they are strutting and squabbling over like two chickens over a kernel of corn.
  • I wish our health insurance didn’t cost close to $500 a month.
  • I wish I could make it through one pay period with a more than a dollar left in my accounts (that’d be a cumulative total).
  • I wish we had cars that ran, reliably, on less than a tank of gas a week.
  • I wish our house wasn’t literally falling apart.
  • I wish my digestive system would give me a break for once. I’d really like some pizza.
  • I wish I would stop getting accusatory calls from the school nurse who seems determined to blame my daughter’s daily lunchtime blood glucose of over 300 or so on her being a liar and me being a shitty mom.

I think I’m done now. That didn’t really make me feel too much better. One more…

  • I really wish I’d stop being such a whiny crybaby and just suck it up.

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