Thankful Thursday

After yesterday’s pity-party, I decided it was time for some positive thinking. So here’s a list of the things I’m thankful for today.

  •  I got my period. Ok, so that’s a total overshare. But still, it’s always a bit of a relief every month when Aunt Flo comes around. Part of that stems from the fact that I was extremely irresponsible in my youth and had anxiety issues AND PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) causing irregular periods so I seemed to have a pregnancy scare every 6 weeks or so. The other part is, I’m SO not getting pregnant again. There are a myriad of reasons but the 2 glaringly obvious ones that spring to mind are the fact that some of the meds I take cause serious birth defects… And we’re broke.
  • I have something to blame my craptastic mood on. With the aforementioned hormonal clusterfuck combined with The Peach torturing me with sleep deprivation, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be in a “Fuck you all” kind of mood.
  • I got to eat pizza yesterday after all. We had an employee appreciation lunch at work and the management team was considerate enough to get gluten-free pizza in addition to the regular kind. And it was pretty good too!
  • I came home to a clean house. Wednesdays are notorious in my household for being the ickiest night of the week because The Zen Master works and then teaches class. But there was actually no one staying at the resort where he works on Tuesday night, hence, no one to cook breakfast for. Unexpected day off = clean house when I get home.
  • The Peach’s eyesight has corrected itself. About 6 months ago, we brought her to the ophthalmologist in a panic (ok, I was in a panic) because in her pictures occasionally one of her pupils would come up white while the other was red. This apparently can be an indication of a rare optic nerve (I think?) cancer in children and it needed to be checked ASAP. Turned out she just was a teeny tiny bit cross-eyed. Doc said no biggie and to come back in 6 months to make sure it hasn’t gotten any worse which could lead to vision problems down the road. 6 months was yesterday and he said it seemed to have straightened itself out and everything looked great.
  • The Peach fell off the bed this morning. Which is not actually something to be thankful for. But she cried for about 2 seconds and then laughed. And that? Definitely something to be thankful for.
  • It’s sunny and in the 80’s today.
  • My gas tank is full.
  • Today was payday. And I didn’t bounce any checks.
  • I got a cranial massage in PT today. Although it was on my lunch break and it did make me sleepy so the afternoon at work took some effort.
  • Princess Punk got her period today too. Which means we can be cranky and crampy together. Ahhhh… Bonding.
  • The Zen Master brought me beer and mint chocolate chip ice cream after his class last night. Have I mentioned how much I love that man? And finally, and perhaps the biggest thing at the moment…
  • We got financial aid for Diabetes Camp for Princess Punk this summer! The camp costs $2470 tuition and registration fee. It’s a comprehensive 2 week program and they have several doctors on staff, a nurse for every 2 cabins, a herd of nutritionists and all the regular camp-type activities.  Our cost, after the camp’s Campership Assistance Program and a $1000 contribution from a private donor? $50 registration fee (which we already paid) and ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. That’s it! How freaking awesome is that? I think we’ll be able to scrape that up. The Princess actually has most of the gear she needs so the only other expenses will be a new pair of sneakers, a couple of new bathing suits and the gas money to get there (it’s in Massachusetts)!

So… Maybe I bitch, but hey… things aren’t all bad… I’ll blame yesterday’s post on PMS.


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