First Cut

Here are some of the sounds and phrases heard in my house the past few days…


“Bless you my child, for you have sneezed.”


“Silly girl. Are you sneezing like Sissy? Sneezes are funny!”


kah kah kah

“Great. She just coughed into my mouth.”

“Ummm… Could you wipe her nose please? I think she just licked her snot.”

“Can I have a washcloth or something? It’s all crusty.”



“Gak… I tasted that.”


sniff sniff sniiiiffff

“Gimmee a tissue.”


“Pickles. I have snot on my hand Mom.”

“Gross. Here”


“Ewwww… Is it bad if it’s yellowy?”


“Where’s the tissues?”

“Is that blood? Stop picking your nose while you’re sitting on the toilet. The toilet paper is right there.”

“At least I don’t wipe it on the wall Mom. Mima totally ratted you out.”

“OMIGOD, I WAS LIKE 8! She’s never going to let me live that down…”



“Look! No brains!”

“Weirdo. Go. Away.”

First Haying of the year. I’m buying stock in Kleenex.


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