Damn, I blinked

It’s already a week into June.

How in hell did that happen?

I seem to vaguely recall posting on facebook that it was going to be June in a week and where oh where did the time go…

And that was apparently 2 weeks ago.

Let’s do the Time Warp agaaaaiiiiinn…

But it's the pelvic thrust... That really drives you insane...

But it’s the pelvic thrust…
That really drives you insane…

There’s always time for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Sooo… How exactly did I lose an entire week?

Ummm… Let’s see… Doctor’s appointment. Soccer practice. Doctor’s appointment. Soccer Practice. Soccer game. Half a Soccer game (weather). Clean My Mom’s fridge (managed to not throw-up, but it was sketchy there for a minute). Doctor’s appointment. Doctor’s appointment. Grocery shopping. Cleaning. Date night (woohoo!). Mom-in-law’s birthday. Soccer game. And interspersed throughout all that; work, work, toddler tornado, drive, work, teen angst, work, oh-my-god-what-is-that-smell?, bills, rain and a little bit of sleep.


So does that mean I can nap for the next week?

I guess I have to wake up for my birthday. Oh, and work. And my children. And my husband.

Ok. No naps.

I think Father Time just sped past me in a Ferrari…

Did he... Did he just flip me off????

Did he… Did he just flip me off????

I hope you get pulled over you asshole.



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