Birthday? What is this “birthday” of which you speak?

I guess I turned 34 yesterday.

MjAxMi05MmNjYmMyNTc2ODU3ODUxI think I’m going to pretend I turn 34 this weekend. Because yesterday was not really a birthday kind of day. Nothing majorly bad, just an overall crap kind of day.

I got a nice “Happy Birthday” from The Zen Master, a grinning-around-the-binky Peach and grumbles and general pissyness from the teenager. About 90 minutes after I left the house, I got a short text message saying happy birthday from her and several of her friends, one of which I didn’t even know. Woo. I had an all-day training in Burlington. Since Burlington parking is kinda shitty, I used all of my quarters to put an hour on the meter for an 8 hour day. Then, I had to walk about a half a block to get to my destination. Which is no sweat. When it’s not raining. And I’m not wearing a white blouse. Awkward. Anyway, the training itself was pretty interesting and I came away with some new insights and a better appreciation for what I do. I also met a young woman about my age (probably a few years younger) who had Type 1 Diabetes. And we got a chance to chat and she assured me that most kids with Type 1 (teenage girls in particular) go through a rebellious “Screw this” phase and this too, shall pass. I have always known that in the back of my mind, Princess Punk is still finding a way to deal with The D-Monster in a way that makes her feel like she has some kind of control over her own body. But it was still nice to hear it from someone who is on the other side of that canyon and has become a healthy, well-adjusted adult.

Lunch was a so-so grilled cheese sandwich and a diet coke for a whopping $14. Ridiculous. I should be able to recoup some of that with a meal reimbursement at least.

After the training was Princess Punk’s behavioral therapist. Since I was literally right around the corner and since Ms. Punk rarely participates in the session anyway, I just went by myself in order to save gas. We had gone through a crisis on Friday involving some potentially self-harming behavior on the part of The Princess and had seriously contemplated taking her to the hospital. After a lengthy talk and some attitude adjustments by both The Princess and myself, we nixed the idea of taking her anywhere as a crisis call. I did, however, call JO (the therapist) and explained the situation in order to get a little bit of guidance. So our visit on Tuesday was kind of a wrap-up of the Friday debacle and an overview of the remainder of the weekend which was actually pretty good. wet shoesOf course, getting out of the car at her office, I stepped into a small lake with my little ballet flats and spent the next several hours squishing and squelching in a rather uncomfortable way.

Then I headed home. I knew The Zen Master hadn’t taken anything out of the freezer for dinner and he agreed to pizza which I planned to pay for with my credit card since I had no money in my checking account because payday isn’t until Thursday and this past paycheck was the mortgage. But then my card got declined and I had to call My Dad and ask him for money when I knew they didn’t really have any either.

20130612_160636I got my yearly birthday message from R which is always good for a smile. Princess Punk had left a bunch of vibrantly pink rhododendrons from our bush outside and a card saying,

“For your birthday Peach and i are not here! WOOP WOOP! mima said it was fine for Peach and I to come. love you forever have a nice night. Love You! -Princess Punk and The Peach p.s. the flowers are from me from outside!!”20130612_160603

That was very nice and also made me smile. And while I missed my girls on my birthday, I did get snuggles with my hubby.

Not exactly conducive to romance...

Not exactly conducive to romance…

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to enjoy a lot of alone time with my husband because I passed out approximately 45 minutes after I got home, right in the middle of Breaking Bad. Oh well, I didn’t want to see Walter in his tighty-whiteys again anyway. That man has more time on screen in his undies than a Vicky’s model.

It was nice to sleep with The Zen Master sans Midget.

I got a wake up call at 5:30 this morning from Princess Punk advising me that she needed her insulin and a set change before I went to work.



~grumble grumble~



So not a fantastic day. And although I did have a few bright moments, this weekend is supposed to be mild and sunny, dinner with The Zen Master’s gay best friend, Mr. Fabulous and his new boyfriend, no soccer games and Vicky’s Semi-Annual Sale with a $50 gift certificate that I’ve had since Christmas.

So I am making a proclimation that yesterday was not my birthday.

I pick… Saturday.


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