In case you were wondering what I’ve been doing…

It was kinda a shitty week and all I wanted to do today was chill out. Instead, Princess Pink had her friend stay the night do there was much giggling and whispering and ohmigod and Ewwwwwwww she farted on me. And since we were supposed to have company, I got slightly psycho about the state of my house. So I picked up. And dusted. And washed. And vacuumed. And mopped. And scrubbed. And even (with help from Her Majesty) rearranged the furniture.

I had to take a picture to preserve the moment of non-chaos because I know it won’t last long.


Mr. Fabulous and his new beau did not show up. Which was kind of expected since he’s not exactly a follow-through kinda guy. But I got a clean house and a gluten-free lasagna so it’s OK.

I also got bleeding eardrums from a 30-minute scream-a-thon from The Peach. She finally passed out around 9 although at one point I had to physically remove myself from her presence or I would’ve completely lost my shit.

My facebook status as of 20 minutes ago…

Wait… What the hell IS that???? Oooooohhhh… Right… Silence. I remember now.

Beer, netflix and The Peach in her crib, at least for now.

Fingers crossed…


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