Guess where I’m typing this from?????
My BRAND NEW (refurbished) LAPTOP!!!!!
The wonderful Zen Master and My Wonderful Parents pooled their resources to buy me a super-awesome-kick-ass-OMIGOD HP laptop. 17″ screen, Windows 8 (which is going to take some getting used to methinks) and lots of shiny new apps and stuffs that are going to take me at least a week to pick through and sort out and organize in a way that my brain can process. I’m using a WordPress app at the moment and I have to say, I think I’m going to use the regular website from now on. I seem to be fairly limited as to what I can do on the app. But no matter…
I am fucking STOKED!
Happy Birthday to me!!!
Now I gotta go to bed. Right after I check out a couple more things on my desktop…

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