More spam

This time it was from me.

Apparently my yahoo account got hacked. So I had to change my password (which it was really time to do anyway, I think I’d had that one for a year and a half) and send “Dont open those! I’m sorry!” emails to everyone in my address book and post a  “Dont open those! I’m sorry!” status on facebook in case I missed anyone.

One of my coworkers came in and advised me, her personal email had just been sent a “weird link” from mine. At that point I had already fixed everything since I knew right away from the 6 random link texts sent to me by… Me. But I decided that I should just briefly give a heads up to the  (very few) other co-workers who’s personal email may have been spammed.

So I got to my friend Bear’s office (he reads this and will be absolutely tickled he’s important enough to warrant a “blog name.” I think…) and gave him the standard warning, “Be careful of any email that… blah blah blah…” And I started to leave his office and he said,

“You shouldn’t spam me you know…”

(to which I made some snarky reply which I honestly can’t remember)

“I’m a vegetarian.”


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