I guess I got shot today

So, we had a safety drill at work today.

Apparently, if someone “goes postal” in my office and starts shooting up the place, I’m done for.

My office is one door down from one of the exits. Which, by the way, does require a card key to open… But I guess the trainer decided that the hypothetical-crazy-person we’re supposed to hide from is either an employee or has a gun with a high enough caliber to shoot through the lock.

Anyway. The alarm goes off. And it’s Monday morning and I haven’t finished my coffee yet so it took a teeny bit of time for it to register that the annoying noise tickling my eardrum was in fact, a warning to lock my door and get my ass out of sight because there was a crazy person on a rampage in the office. So, by the time I figured it out and was halfway out of my chair to lock my door and hide behind my mini-fridge, they opened the door and “shot” me.

Oh, and they got it on tape too. So everyone will get a nice laugh at my expense when they show it in the follow up training to point out our security flaws. Really not looking forward to that. According to my supervisor, I was the only person they caught unaware in their own office. There were a few people in the hallway, but I believe they managed to get out of sight with only minor flesh wounds.

I asked if I could go home since I had suffered an abdominal trauma and I needed to lay down so I didn’t bleed out.

He was amused.

I have to imagine the alarm wouldn’t go off right away if this had been a real “situation,” so I’m pretty much screwed anyway.



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