No Frills

I love my engagement ring and my wedding band.

They are white gold and sapphire. Simple and beautiful and outside the norm.

Just like my Zen Master.

Since we’re all grown up and adult now, we don’t seem to be able to celebrate much of anything. Today was kinda sucky in that respect. Since we currently have no daycare, Crazy Girl, amazing friend that she is, has stepped in to pick up the slack that My Mom dropped on us. We need coverage 3 days a week since I work Monday through Friday and The Zen Master works Wednesday through Sunday. Unfortunately, Crazy Girl has to be at work at 1pm and we can’t guarantee The Zen Master will get off in time to pick up The Peach before Crazy Girl has to haul ass up the mountain to Trapps.

So I had to alter my schedule. On Wednesday and Thursday, I am now forced to take a 2 hour lunch to drive to Stowe and pick up the Peach so Crazy Girl can get to work. Then wait for The Zen Master to finish up so he can bring her home. Which means I have to work until 5-5:30 those days. And Friday, Crazy Girl is off work, but since it IS her day off, I am going to go in late so she can sleep in a bit. Which means I work til 5:30-6. I am, yet again, thankful for an employer who understands that shit happens and that as long as I continue to get my work done, flexibility is not a major problem.

And today is Wednesday. And I just made the handoff and I’m heading back to work. I’ll be staying there until about 5. Missing the small Wednesday Window I usually have with him. Because The Zen Master teaches class on Wednesday. So I will have to pick up The Peach from the Tae Kwon Do studio because his first class starts at 5:30. And he doesn’t get home untill 7:30.

And today? Today marks three years of marriage.

So I’m bummed, because I’m not going to get much time with my husband on the day it is official that I have been a truly complete person for three years.

But… then I look at my rings and I remember…

No matter what, he’s still mine. And me? I’m still his. Forever. Simply and beautifully.

Happy Anniversary Babe.

Happy Anniversary Zen Master


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