A respone to The Princess

Thankfully, we’re able to send one-way emails to Princess Punk at camp. Since my handwriting is messy and my hand cramps up after about 2 sentences, and I have to send her a tuck-in every day (yes, my 13-year-old still gets tucked in at bedtime), we’re willing to pay the small fee to send her a daily email through the camp website. Figuring in postage and paper and envelopes and emotional hardship from having to actually (gasp) write something by hand, it pretty much evens out. So my response to her letter was as follows…

Hey Bug 🙂

I’m really glad to hear you’re having fun! I am totally blogging your letter ya know 😀

I’m sorry none of the girls are like you, but then again, no one is like you because you’re SPESHUL 😉

I thought there was only one dance? No random dudes please, Daddy will have to drive to MA and kick some a$$.

What other stuff are you doing there? You said softball, but you haven’t played that much. Is there soccer? Or basketball?

I’m sitting on my bed with the Midget watching her dance and squeal because Elmo just came on. I’m writing this in the morning because I got home late last night. Me and The Peach went over to Mima and Biba’s to hang out with R&B. They’re taking me and Daddy to dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary. We actually get to have a grown-up dinner with grown-up conversation and no screaming, squealing “Bite? Peeeeeeeeeeeshe?” because Grandma is nice enough to come over and babysit, even though she has to work in the morning.

So anyway… I LOVE YOU! And so does Daddy and Mima and Biba and The Peach and Sister-In-Law and Niece and Nephew1 and Nephew2 and Grandma and Grandpa R&B and GeekMom and Crazy Girl and Fairy Dog and Stinky Dog and The Beast too!
And a bunch of other people too, but I just don’t want to spend my entire morning typing it all out.

I can mail you some stamps, but you probably won’t get them for a couple of days. They said you could buy them in the trading post, you have a $40 credit there, that’s plenty!


Are you all tucked in and roasty and toasty?
Blow me a kiss goodnight!
Close your eyes till morning comes,
Happy dreams and sleep tight,

Love you!


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