I may spontaneously combust

I am going to have to take the 4 hour drive to MA to pick up Princess Punk on Friday ALONE. Ok, The Peach will be coming too. But I honestly think that probably makes it worse.

Apparently when My Mom loses her shit, she gets a vacation.

My Dad is taking her to NY or something and is not able to drive with me.

I just got a phone call,

“Hey, uh, what day do you pick up Princess Punk from camp?”


“Oh. Darn. Can you go alone? I really wanted to take your mom away. I had wanted to go to Canada but… (trails off) But I think we’re going to go to NY.”

~silent fuming~

“So, you’ll go get her then? You can drive yourself.” (at this point it was no longer a question)

I basically just said “Whatever.” and hung up. I do not want to get into it with My Dad about treatment strategies for my mother. It wasn’t like this was a last minute thing. This had been planned, and they had planned to go with me. But I guess My Mom gets to override everyone’s plans. Which would be perfectly acceptable if this were an actual treatment plan. I can guaran-fucking-tee that the doctor did not suggest a week away from home in a social/sightseeing/nice restaurant/what-the-fuck-ever setting. And if they did, they should lose their license. There’s NO WAY our now-defunct therapist would have thought that was even close to a good idea.

Since The Zen Master is working, I get to make the trek alone and pray to fucking God I don’t fall asleep on the way there and kill both myself and my spawn.

Maybe I’ll drink an entire bottle of vodka at 9 o’clock in the morning and pass out on the living room floor. Maybe then I’ll get a vacation too.

Fuck. You.

ETA -He just called back and said they’re not going anywhere so they can go with me. But you know what? The idea is still in his head and I’m still fucking pissed off (Yes, R… Really actually pissed off) so I’m posting this anyway.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ninjasinstitches
    Jul 21, 2013 @ 08:48:07

    I can understand your frustration! I have what I call my “comfort driving zone”.. It’s broadened within the past year or so.. but I panic at the idea of driving out of that zone. So if someone promised to go out of my comfort zone with me, they better keep their word about it.. What seems small to some is a huge thing to another. I hope you trip is a safe one, and that you can look back on this situation as yet another nuisance moment 😉


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