Breaking Ba…. HOLY CRAP

Season 3 Episode 12.

That was fucking insane.

As a Netflix viewer, and someone who watches chicks of TV seasons at a time, I don’t do spoilers, so if you’ve got Breaking Bad in your instant queue or sitting on your hard drive or in a DVD box set your spouse bought you for Christmas/Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Yule/ (insert other gift-giving holiday here), be not afraid, I don’t intend to give away any secrets or reveal any plot twists (although there have been a few). Wow. That was a really long sentence. Anyway… The Zen Master and I have been catching up this weekend, what with The Princess being gone and The Peach occupied with The Zen Master’s dirty socks and my empty Red Bull carton.

This show is extremely well written. And slightly frightening. As I think I’ve said before, it can be a bit difficult for me to actually pay attention to a TV show for long enough to actually sit through a whole hour, let alone an entire season. This show happens to be one of the few that is engaging enough to keep my attention. As much as anything can I guess. I still mess around on my phone, but I definitely spend more time paying attention to the TV than my phone.

Interesting fact… The creator of this show, Vince Gilligan, used to be a writer on the X-files. Which happened to be a show that I was involved with enough to actually go to a convention. Yes, I am a dork.

So anyway, this somewhat random, very rambly post was just to say, this show is great. And you should watch it.

Assuming you like dark humor and you’re okay with watching violence and drugs and gross nasty hookers. On TV… Watching that stuff on TV.


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